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You may not ad a Bonsai Websites through our system any more due to people (spammers) coming along and adding spam websites into our system thinking we are just dumb enough that we will ad their site because we are not watching what is going on. if you want to ad a website you still can, just email us the website address and we will do it manually for you. Send your submissions to mrrbob at gmail dot com and place the words " url submission" in the subject line. We will look the website over and ad it in if we deem it appropriate for our Bonsai only search engine. If the website you submit is really a Bonsai based site, not just a fake Bonsai site filled with ads but truly a website about Bonsai, it will be added. The submit a site link above will be left there but will no longer work to submit a site.

Rules for Bonsai URL Submission

  • The Most important thing to remember is we visit each and every website submitted and we are bonsai artist. If the website does not ad to the online bonsai community it will be rejected.

  • The Website you submit must be useful to the Bonsai Community.

  • The website you add must not be made just to serve ads. You guys know who you are and what we mean here. Don't bother submitting your mfa (made for adsense) sites as they will be rejected. This Search Engine is not here to help you make money by serving ads. We have nothing against ads on a website if it is not the entire point of the website.

  • URL's may be submitted by the website owner or anyone who likes any website and would like to see it here in our search results.

  • We offer top placement in search results to webmasters who desire it. Contact us if you would like to purchase a rank increase for your website.

  • We offer a 5X increased rank in the search results to any webmaster who is willing to link to us. We offer a 10X increase in rank for any page that is submitted that has a link or banner that links back to this website. Example: You have a links section and place a link to our website in your links section. This will gain you a 5X rank increase for any page submitted from your website.

  • Next example: Your home page has a direct link to this website and your page about maple tree bonsai has a direct link to this website. You submit the home page address and the maple tree bonsai article address to be added to this website. Each of those pages with the link back to this website will be given a 10X boost in rank on the search results. We think this is a great way for both of us to gain links.

  • How many pages can you submit to

  • We allow a maximum of 10 pages in 2 categories from any 1 website unless you have a prior arrangement with us.

  • If find more then this we will ether contact you if we think it might have been a mistake on your part of if it seems a deliberate spam attempt on your part all entries for your website will be erased and a filter will be added that bans all submissions for your website address for ever.

  • Spam attempts will be determined on a case by case basis. Examples of spam include submitting many pages of your site to every category. Since we approve every submission by hand we will catch you. Don't bother trying.

  • If you wish to advertise on this site contact us. Since this website will no doubt take a few years to get to the point of being worth paying for ads in we have not instituted an ad program yet.

  • The bottom line: We only accept websites about Bonsai.

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